Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to Do Coffee Painting?

Its just like other paintings. jus like water colour paintings.
In handmade paper, preferably light shade colours trace the design using yellow carbon.
Paint using coffee decotion, certain areas can be left without painting, if u want darker shade paint the area once again.
If u want to do the outline with coffee, keep the decotion overnight, it will become a bit dry so it will be easy.
U can add the 3 D glitters to add effect in case of egyptian paintings


senthil said...

things for coffee painting
1. canvas paper board
2. bru or any instant coffee powder
3. brushes
4. plain varnish
5. carbon paper
step 1: draw your design in a piece of paper.
step 2: trace out the design by using carbon paper into canvas paper board
step 3:mix the coffee powder with little bit of water for dark brown.dilute the same for light colours.
step 4:keep the painting over night for dry.
step 5:finally apply varnish.

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