Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How To Make Easy Paintings?

I wanted to make tanjore paintings, but i couldnt find supply shop for a arabic gum. so
i came up with this idea. this is just a way to paint the gods. i m very satisfied with the

Materials needed

1. tracing design
2. chart paper
3. poster colours
4. fevicryl 3D golden glitter
5. Kundan Stones


1. Trace the design that you want to paint in chart.
2. draw if you can and confident that you can make it with the symmetry as in the picture
3. Use Poster colours to paint. Use some Great colours at the backround.
4. After the paint dries use 3D gold to make the painting rich looking.
5. Use Kundan stones for the spots in the painting.
6. Let it dry for hours.

You can find many of designs in GETCRAFTY. It is a wonderful place where you can
find many craft ideas and designs.


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